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četvrtak, 14. listopad 2021., 16:30


Dvorana D



GraphQL is a powerful query language for APIs that is currently used in most of the  most used and popular APIs in the market. So Oracle couldn?t be left behind and has  recently added GraphQL support in Oracle Content and Experience APIs.  One of the main characteristics of OCE is that it is a Headless CMS, where  contents live apart of any viewable representation. The content exists with the only  purpose of being consumed in whatever channel their master may present it on. This  means that developers on those channels are the ones in charge of building custom  integrations with OCE using its APIs in order to consume any content. These  integrations have code that is closely related to the way the content is going to be  presented or used. Until now.  GraphQL in OCE allows integrations to be made even more quickly and easier  by implementing a common endpoint for all queries that are the ones that change for  every search. In every GraphQL query, developers can implement that the response  may include only the fields they?re going to use without having to change code.  In this session, we?ll discuss the main capabilities and characteristics of  GraphQL and how it can be used when consuming headless content from OCE:  - Queries  - Fragments  - Integrations  - Use cases

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Grupa aktivnosti: Razvoj i Middleware

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