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petak, 15. listopad 2021., 10:20


Dvorana E



Understanding what is happening with applications, particularly in a distributed solution can be challenging. Whilst the solution space for monitoring and application log management is mature, there is a tendency for organizations to end up with multiple tools that overlap in this space to meet different team needs – result multiple agents/probes on every server. Many of these tools work by bulk central analysis rather than enabling events of interest to be spotted as they’re logged.

Fluentd presents us with a means to simplify the monitoring landscape, address challenges of hyper-distribution occurring with microservice solutions, allowing different tools needing log data to help in their different way. Without imposing a specific analysis tool on relevant teams.

In this session, we’ll explore the challenges of modern log management. We’ll look at how Fluentd works and what it can bring to making both development and ops activities easier. To do this we’ll explore and demos some examples of Fluentd and how it makes life easier & more efficient.

Attendees to the session should leave this session with insights into the art of the possible with Fluentd & insights into Monitoring in general.

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