Talk to Me Gently: How to Integrate Oracle DB with Google Assistant and Add It to the APEX Application



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srijeda, 13. listopad 2021., 09:30


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Nowadays, when you go to any webpage with a specific service, you can see an icon to start a chat with an assistant. Perhaps you are the administrator of such a service, and luckily it is integrated with the Oracle DB and created in APEX. Would you like to connect your application with Google Assistant?Imagine if the user didn't have to look even at the application, but only mention it (e.g., while driving a car): Ok Google, talk to APEX...and ask:- Did all the planned night procedures work correctly?- What is my next destination to deliver this order?- Do we have a sufficient supply of all reagents in the laboratory?The method of use depends on the user’s needs, and that's the beautiful thing about it! You can ask the assistant about anything you want and get the information directly from the database. And I will show you how to do it!During this 45-minutes session, I would like to tell you:- How to use Google Assistant in the application, but also with the phone or smart speaker?- How to prepare DB/Application for this connection?- How to deal with Google Tools: Dialogflow and release in Actions on Google?- What were my most significant problems, and how did I avoid them?- What are some application examples based on customers from various industries?- What are the pros of such a solution? (using the Google Assistant directly or adding a bot to the application only)

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Način održavanja: Osobno prisustvo
Vrsta: Predavanje
Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Programeri
Grupa aktivnosti: APEX

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