HrOUG 2021

Dear participants of the HrOUG 2021. conference, here are important information for your participating on the conference:


According to the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Rovinj, in order to participate in the conference, all participants (including accompanying persons) must present at least one of the following documents upon arrival:

1. EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate OR

2. Confirmation that you have had COVID-19 in the last 6 months OR

3. Confirmation of negative PCR test not older than 72 hours OR

4. Confirmation of a negative rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours


• A quick antigen test will be possible for conference participants in Rovinjsko selo on the way to Rovinj. Testing will be able to be done on TUESDAY 12.10. in the period from 2 pm to 8 pm in the Private practice of dr. Melita Mamužić Barbača, at VIćani 8, 52210 Rovinjsko selo. The practice is close to the main intersection with traffic lights in Rovinjsko selo where you should turn right and the second street to the left. The test result and confirmation are obtained in 5 minutes. The price of the test is 120 kn. The conference organizer does not pay for your testing.

It can be paid in cash, by credit card (has POS), or exceptionally by bank transfer.


• It is not necessary to wear a mask in the halls where lectures are held and at evening parties, but it is necessary to maintain the recommended distance and adhere to the recommended measures.

• In addition to other measures, wearing a mask is recommended in other areas of the hotel.

• In the hotel in front of all important rooms there are poles with disinfectant, so we definitely recommend their use.

• If you will need an additional face mask, contact the organizer's staff at the accreditation desk where the organizer will have a number of additional masks.




• Following the instructions (boards) of the Maistra company, on which Island Hotel Istra and Island Hotel Katarina are marked, you will reach the info-point on the coast where you will be greeted by the hotel staff.

• After reporting to the reception of the info-point, they will instruct you how to get to the parking lot a few hundred meters away, following the Maistra shuttle (van), which is available to guests both on arrival and departure.

• Parking is uncovered and guarded 24 hours in a closed yard.

• Parking, transfer to the pier and the boat transfer to the island are included in the price.




You can check the boat timetable at the following link:




On Tuesday it will be located to the right of the hotel entrance, and the other days across from the reception.

The accreditation desk will start operating on Tuesday 12.10. from 5 p.m.




The current agenda with all the information on potential changes can be found on the conference website, and the program will take place in 5 halls, one of which will be with ONLINE lecturers. In all other halls, lecturers will be present in Rovinj.

All lectures in which the lecturer will not be present in person but will lecture via the link are marked in the agenda with the symbol of the little man next to whom is X.

In the Agenda menu, there is also a downloadable version of the complete agenda in .pdf.




As we were not sure until the last minute whether the conference could be held or not, the organizer was not able to provide all participants with traditional gifts. However, after the conference we will send you a gift by delivery, just please tell us during the accreditation what size T-shirt you want and to which address you want the gift to be delivered, if the address is not from your company.

We already know the size of the T-shirt for all lecturers.



The organizer provided for the participants free consumption of drinks at self-service vending machines inside the restaurant for lunch and dinner.




The organizer provided a special price list for drinks at discounted prices (which for some drinks are up to 40% lower than the hotel's regular prices).

Everything that is not listed in the conference price list is sold by the hotel at its regular prices.




The organizer has prepared a special program that will take place during the evening when there will be opportunities to relax and socialize with other participants. Detailed program can be found at the following link

During the evening gatherings, the organizer will provide a certain amount of drinks that the participants will be able to consume without additional charge. The list of drinks at the expense of the organizers will be displayed in the areas where the parties will be held.

Applications for games and competitions (in poker) are on the accreditation desk.



On Tuesday and Wednesday, board games will be available in the party area.

We have provided the following games: Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Adrenaline, Sanctum, Blood Rage, Tokaido, Deception, Camel Up, Azul, Skull, Patchwork, Shadows over Amsterdam, Letter Jam, Codenames, Fluxx, 7 Wonders, Imperial Settlers, Abyss, Mysterium , Dixit, Res Arcana, Kemet, Jamaica, Kingdomino, Celestia, Clank, Istanbul, Just one, Galaxy Trucker, 7 wonders duel, Ticket to ride Europe, Tapestry, Reef, Planet, Alchemist, Catan, Five Tribes, Civilization a new dawn .

It's up to you to try yourself or with a team in one of the games you know or for the first time.



On Friday after the end of the official part of the conference, all those who stay at the hotel until Saturday 16.10. can join us on a excursion to Pula. The most important sights of Pula will be visited accompanied by a tourist guide.

On the way back from the Pula, we will stop in Bale, take a walk through this beautiful town and after a walk we will visit the tavern Kod Kancelira where we will taste some traditional Istrian specialties.

Registration for the trip, which is free for HrOUG participants, is located at the accreditation desk.



We will send you an Accreditation Form.

We suggest you fill it out and bring it to the conference to significantly speed up your accreditation process.

The form must be handed over to the staff of the organizer at the accreditation desk in exchange for your accreditation.

All data we collect at the conference remains at the conference. Nor have we ever shared them, nor will we in the future. They serve exclusively for the communication of HrOUG and you in the future, of course if you want it.

 See you in Rovinj

HrOUG organizational team


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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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