Robert Lockard Accenture

Oracle ACE Director

I am a professional Oracle DBA, Designer, Developer, Project Manager. For the past twenty years I have worked as an independent consultant providing quality services to my customers at a reasonable price. I have worked in Financial Intelligence tracking money laundering, terrorist money and identity theft. I also have worked in the Cyber Crimes arena tracking attacks on information systems.  I specialize in evaluating and securing your Oracle database environment from threats both external and internal. In 1987 my boss called me into his office and told me that i am now their Oracle Wizard then handed me a stack of Oracle tapes and told me to load it on the VAX. Since then, I have worked exclusively as an Oracle database designer, developer and Database Administrator and project manager. I enjoy flying vintage aircraft, racing sailboats, photography, and technical diving. I own and fly the “Spirit of Baltimore Hon” a restored 1948 Ryan Navion and live in Glen Burnie Maryland on Marley Creek.


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