When we work, we work hard, and when we have fun, there are no brakes. We do not know otherwise. The smile on the face of the conference participants is our challenge and satisfaction.

This year as well, the hard-working organizers of HrOUG bring you the best of the best within the available budget. We hope you all find in this program at least something that will make you happy.

We are aware that it is impossible to satisfy the tastes of all participants, but we do the whole program with the best intentions without wanting to hurt anyone's religious or secular beliefs. At HrOUG, all participants always have an alternative. The island is large and you can always find another space with content that is more suitable for your taste.



We start after a dinner, lightly with champagne as a welcome drink and without any loud music that you can talk with friends or meet new people.

DJ Nikša will play lounge-like music

Boardgame Geek Corner

We have provided a number of Top-hit boardgames that all participants will be able to play in the hotel lobby. Some of the games that will be able to play are: Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Adrenaline, Sanctum, Blood Rage, Tokaido, Deception, Camel Up, Azul, Skull, Patchwork, Shadows over Amsterdam, Letter Jam, Codenames, Fluxx, 7 Wonders, Imperial Settlers, Abyss, Mysterium, Dixit, Res Arcana, Kemet, Jamaica, Kingdomino, Celestia, Clank, Istanbul, Just one, Galaxy Trucker, 7 wonders duel, Ticket to ride Europe, Tapestry, Reef, Planet, Alchemist, Catan, Five Tribes, Civilization a new dawn and many others.


Blues band "Bluzy Threesome"

A performance by a famous Sarajevo actor and comedian will be organized in the main hall for all participants who know the Croatian language.

All participants who do not understand the Croatian language can come to “the Castle” where from 9 pm, we will organize socializing with Blues band Bluzy Threesome, which is the winner of the Croatian Blues Challenge 2019. They won a trip to the Blues competition in Memphis, where between 240 bands finished in 4th place. It is hard to find better in Croatia.

1st Oracle ACE Texas Hold'em Poker tournament

Lecturers will be able to test their gambling skills in the 1st Oracle ACE Texas Hold'em Poker tournament.

If not all seats at the poker table are filled by lecturers from the Oracle ace program, other lecturers are free to join the game.

Anyone who doesn't want to play Poker or listen to the Blues band can play board games in the hotel lobby. The boardgame Geek corner will be open during Wednesday evening.


Sightseeing Rovinj (Optional)

If there is interest and good weather before the lounch, we will organize a short tour of the city of Rovinj with a local tourist guide who speaks English. If you or your better half would like to go on a tour, you should sign up for it at the accreditation desk on Wednesday.

L'amour band

Thursday evening party from 9pm in “the Castel” with a band that traditionally entertains the participants of the HrOUG conference. Of course, this is the best band in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County for weddings, divorces and other festivities, L'AMOUR BAND.

The now-traditional Texas Hold'em poker tournament will also take place on Thursday. When you come to the conference, register for the tournament at the accreditation desk.

Fire Spectacle

During the evening party we will have the opportunity to watch the Fire Spectacle of the artist Martiniss from Pula.

Swallowing the fire and juggling with torches, ropes, fans, wheel and other props will leave the audience breathless.

I guess we will not set fire to the hotel :-))


Excursion to the town Pula

Who stays in the hotel from Friday to Saturday will have the opportunity to go with us on a excursion to the town Pula. We will go by bus. Bus will wait for as at 5.20 or 6.20 pm in Rovinj. Exact time can be checked on HrOUG desk during the conference.

On the way back from the tour of Pula, we will stop in small town Bale to visit the local Istrian tavern where we will taste some traditional Istrian specialties. And they will drink.

Registration for the trip, which is free for HrOUG participants, is at the accreditation desk.


Disclaimer: HrOUG reserves the right to change the program in whole or in part without notice or warning.

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